Cardiac Explorations

Unit details

El Carmen Medical Center has an advanced cardiac exploration room, located at Avda. Habana, 52.

The exploration room consists of a stress test section, cardiac ultrasound and Holter equipment. This unit is managed by Dr. Evaristo Freire.

Holter monitoring is a technique similar to electrocardiograms, in which the heart rate is monitored continuously for 24 hours at the patient’s home.

Electrodes are placed on the chest area and attached to a small recorder. Holter monitoring provides cardiologists key information about the type and amount of arrhythmias during normal activities, during exercise, and during sleep. It also provides information on whether the arrhythmia medication is having the desired effect. Another use of Holter monitoring is the search for “silent” ischemia. This happens when the heart does not get enough blood but the patient does not notice any symptoms.

The main advantages of this method are that it is non-invasive while providing very reliable data.

What preparations do patients need before being subjected to Holter monitoring?

We recommend not applying any creams or powders to the chest area before the test. For comfort, wear loose, comfortable clothes.

The Cardiac Ultrasound Room is located in the “Consultas 52” building, Avda. Habana 52.

There is also a fully equipped computerized laboratory for vascular scans.