Computers and Telecommunications

Unit details

El Carmen Medical Center has applied for a research and development grant from the European Union to develop a research project in Telemedicine.

We are currently in talks with other clinics for joint development of various applications of telemedicine.

The new concept of telemedicine will allow patients to be diagnosed remotely through our medical services.

As for computer facilities, we have a category 5 UTP Data Processing Centre (DPC) network with fiber optic links, which puts El Carmen Medical Center at the forefront of hospital computerization and telemedicine.

We also have a hospital management system (NovaHis, developed by the company Novasoft) which allows us to ensure complete control over our patients throughout their clinical history, both while hospitalized and in follow-up exams after being discharged.

One of our greatest advances, and one that is ahead of the other hospitals of Galicia, is the implementation of a digitalization system of conventional radiology. This allows conventional radiological tests to become part of the clinical history of the patient and thus they can be and are available for any specialist in the medical center.

The DPC (Data Processing Center) is managed by Dr. Marcos Magallanes Martinez and is located in the center at Havana 52.