Our Story

We’ve been taking care of the health of Ourense residents since 1949. Since then, we have become the oldest medical institution in the city of Ourense, earning the trust and familiarity of the people who come to our home.

Our philosophy has always been to be pioneers in the installation of cutting-edge technologies in Ourense and Galicia. Our social vision marks our strategy, seeking out technology that is not yet available in the city in order to give the best care to a greater number of people.

Health designed for people: We offer our patients all specialties, both as Outpatient and with Hospitalization, Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, etc. This broader dimension of health care is complemented by the acquisition of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic technology, and incorporating the most prestigious professionals to form a team to serve the people.

Looking to the future, our aim is to initiate a phase of international projection, in addition to continued growth in services through new investment and training of our professionals that will allow us to continue to improve health care.

Our Story


We install the first
private Dialysis Unit in Ourense


We install the first 1 Tesla MRI in Galicia
and become the first hospital in Galicia to have a Hospital Information System (HIS).


We begin activity in the first
Nuclear Medicine Unit in Ourense


We open the first
private Oncology and Chemotherapy Unit in Ourense.


We create the first
Outpatient Surgery Unit in Ourense.


We start the first and only
Private Pediatric Emergency Unit in Ourense.


We are the first hospital in Galicia
to digitalize radiology and eliminate radiological developing chemicals.


First hospital in Galicia
to store images and integrate with Hospital HIS.


Installation of the second
64-slice CT in Galicia and the first in Ourense.


First Hemodynamic Unit
in Ourense


Pioneers in operation of the first private Arrhythmology and Cardiac
Electrophysiology Unit in Galicia.


We develop information systems applications to develop
QlikView software for hospitals and its integration with the Hospital’s HIS


We are the first hospital in Galicia
to install Wi-Fi networks.


We incorporate 3D glasses in our surgical procedures
to improve the patient’s experience


We update our MRI with new software
that improves prostate cancer biopsy.


El Carmen Medical Center is a private General Hospital responsible for providing comprehensive medical-surgical services based on the latest technological advances and the most qualified professionals within each specialty. Our services are personalized and adapted to the unique condition of each patient, with this being the focus of everything we do and strive for.


Everything we do is with the purpose of maintaining excellence, as well as continuing to be the leading private hospital for residents of Ourense province and other communities or countries.

We understand that this goal is only possible by combining the highest quality care with a high problem solving capacity and strong involvement by all professionals who interact with the patient, thereby ensuring the maximum reliability and quality that our patients expect.

The Hospital’s social vision marks our acquisition strategy, seeking out technology that is not yet available in the city in order to provide care to a greater number of people.


The values that characterize us revolve around the importance of understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our identity is based on:

Leadership: Taking initiative, a desire for improvement and sufficient expertise that provides us with the ability to proactively address potential problems, obtaining a good understanding and planning solutions.

Empathy: Trying to internalize the problems of our patients, being able to offer a real and effective solution to all their concerns, making them feeling heard and valued by hospital staff.

Ethics: The relationship with our patients must be mutually respectful, ensuring universal principles of bioethics:

Nonmaleficence: never act in a way that is harmful to the patient.

Find the best options for each patient.

Patient autonomy in their decisions.

Justice: giving all patients the care they need treatment without discrimination.

Continuous improvement: Caring enough to be the latest in technology and professionalism, promoting ongoing training of all staff, thereby avoiding becoming complacent or obsolete.

Teamwork: Taking advantage of the synergy of perfectly coordinated teams through which we will ensure a higher success rate in the unique problems of each patient. These teams will have enough talent to guide our patients to complete recovery or, failing that, to a substantial improvement in their quality of life.