Sports Medicine

Unit details

The sports medicine unit at El Carmen Medical Center has a multidisciplinary team that, based on the latest technological advances in the field, is able to diagnose and treat all injuries sustained by athletes. Understanding that prevention is the best medicine, we promote health education in order to reduce injuries. This unit is equipped with:

Diagnostic tests:

  • 5 Tesla NMR
  • 64-slice multislice CT
  • Latest generation ultrasound, performed by Radiologists
  • Conventional radiology
  • Electromyography

Human resources:

  • 5 Traumatologists
  • 7 Emergency physicians
  • 4 Anesthetists
  • 4 Radiologists
  • Nursing staff
  • Auxiliary personnel

Interrelated services

  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization and ICU
  • Surgical area
  • Pain unit. Treatment of chronic pain

El Carmen Medical Center considers the creation of teams to increase coordination of staff and the various units that may be required in treatment of an injury to be essential, as well as offering a fast, comprehensive treatment and with the maximum guarantee to all our patients.